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fer me

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AHH <3 Fantastic Fanart and Commissions. You guys are super awesome, Thanks!





-gift art
:icongiinga::iconthemsjolly::iconironicalghosty::icongriffsnuff: :iconrachivee:

Personal art- Bio ref, Allie ref, Neuro ref, Aie ref, Allas ref, Izzy ref, and Zephyr ref.

Aie's Comic Is Shut Down Until I Can Get Better!!



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Meme and mention.

Tue Jul 14, 2015, 10:42 PM

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. ;v; I appreciate it so much. I'm sorry i haven't been online. I have life to catch up with. College, work, puppy and moving. I'm on tumblr right now because i'm in a tumblr mood. Art will be posted there. My tumblr is

AND congrats to New Horizon for getting the first ever crisp beautiful images of Pluto <3 AHHHH.

I heard a few days ago that Mr. Iwata has passed. I was saddened deeply that a big part of nintento is no longer with us. I never knew him, but he was what made gaming fun, those directs fun and he was a really cool guy. I hope your gaming to your hearts content Iwata~ We will never forget you. R.I.P.

I'm going to do the memes you guys tagged me because that is my tradition. (hahahhhaha)

|I hate feminists. I call myself a equalist because woman should not be put above men or vise versa|
|I don't like it when people touch or use my stuff without asking|
|I love drawing monsters <3|
|I love monsters in general|
|My first game system and game was a GBA:SP that came with Hamtaro and Super Mario World when i was 7 or 8. It still works today|
|My favourite planet is Mars, but my second favourite is Centauri  Bb|
|I don't like being hugged until i'm close to someone.|
|I love lightning, rain, mud and dirt|
|MInecraft is my favourite game but nothing beats Pokemon haha|
|I get cold easy|

tagger: :iconcptn-sylver:


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 new questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags (You totally can)
8. You must make a journal entry

   1. Have you got a dream location/place to visit?
Britian, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Japan and Iceland.

    2. What do you love most about yourself?
My artistic creativity. Not because i draw good or whatever. Becuase i get to view the world in a way most people wouldn't. I never got many friends, but i always had something to make me smile and that was art.

    3. What's the best memory you have?
I think when i went to Ontario for the first time when i was 9 or 10. it was long, but i found it adventurous.

    4. You get a billion dollars. What do you do with it?
Give more than half to my parents. Then by myself a house.

    5. What superpower would you have?
Fire and Flying my dear Watson.

    6. You can drain peoples life force to extend your own. What do you do?
Drain my enemies. I was bullied so much.

    7. Favorite Character?
Of mine, Bio. Of Canon, Wheatley and Henry.

    8. Biggest inspiration and why?
griffsnuff and  Boltonartist Why? Boltonartist is what inspired me to get a deviantart. I wanted to become like her because her art was beautiful and i got one to show my art.
Griffsnuff encouraged me to grow. She made me want to make my talent my own. I improved and pursued for a artistic life because she inspired me to be something that i can mold, and something i can make my own~ 

    9. Zombie Apocalypse, Walking Dead Style. What happens to you?

    10. You can grant 1 wish to 1 person. Who and why
My dad. Why? Out of my parents, he would need it more. And there is no one better than my parents.


1. What was your first game system?
2. What is your favourite game you ever got?
3. What is your favourite art media?
4. Have you drawn in this media?
5. Close your eyes and reach out in front of you. What do you touch?
6. Did you know i'm Canadian? EHHHH. >8U
7. what is YOUR favourite character?
8. What video game industry would you work at if you had the choice?
9. What's your favourite show when you were a kid?
10. favourite pokemon?

I don't feel like tagging... do it if you like. x'b


Tagger: :iconrudalita:

Name: Allie~ (I done like twenty, but still)

What is he/she?

[ ] A normal person.

[ ] S/he is a killer/murderer/criminal.

[ ] S/he is a Proxy/Slender. 

[ ] S/he is a demonic creature.

[ ] S/he is a ghost/spirit/has no soul.

[x]S/he is an animal like creature.

[ ] S/he is a glitch/hack/virus. 

Total: 1

Does s/he have any abilities/specialties?

[ ] S/he is immortal. 

[x]S/he has the ability to fly/float/jump/run/switch places. 

[ ] S/he has the ability to use forces.

[X]S/he has sharp claws/fangs.

[X] S/he can listen and see from the distance.

[ ] S/he has eyes that change accordingly to his/her mood.

[ ] S/he has eyes that change to red whenever s/he transforms.

[ ] S/he has tentacles.

[ ] S/he can heal. 

[ ] S/he is fluent in demonic language. 

[X] S/he can talk to animal and other creatures.

[ ] S/he can see hallucinations.  
[ ] S/he can disguise into something else. 

[ ] S/he glitches.

Total: 4

What are his/her appearances?

[x] S/he has natural hair color.

[/] His/her hair color is different than his/her natural ones.

[x] S/he has mixed hair color. 

[ ] S/he wears on something they like/They often wear the same accessories every time.

[ ] S/he wears masks to cover their faces. 

[ ] S/he has wings.

[ ] S/he looks younger/older.

[ ] S/he has blood/bleeds on their faces/They cry blood.

[ ] S/he has swollen black eyes.

[x] S/he has natural red eyes.

[x]S/he has horns. 

[] His/her skin looks pale.

[] S/he has scars on his/her face. 

[x] His/her age is 12 and below.

[ ] His/her age is 13 to 20 and above. 

Total: 5.5

What happened to them?

[ ] S/he was possessed by demons.

[ ]S/he was a psycho/insane/has mental problem.

[ ] S/he killed his/her family.

[ ] His/her family killed/abused him/her.

[ ] S/he was raised by his/her other relations or someone they don't know.

[ ] S/he murdered a person or everyone.

[x] S/he has struggled to be sane.

[ ] S/he caught on an accident.

[x] His/her family died because of accident but s/he didn't die.

[ ] S/he killed him/herself.

[ ] S/he hacked his/her victims on computers.

[ ] S/he became one of Slenderman's Proxies.

[ ] S/he was part of a Slender.

[ ] S/he was cursed.

[x] S/he was bullied.

[x] S/he didn't know who his/her parents are.

Total: 4

More about them

[] S/he is anti-social/lonely.

[x] S/he is talkative 

[/] S/he is attractive.

[ ] Everyone likes him/her. 

[ ] S/he currently has a crush or s/he was loved.

[] S/he has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

[x] S/he is straight.

[ ] S/he is homo/bi/lesbian/pan. 

[x] S/he is asexual. 

[x] S/he often kills people when they are attacking he/r.

[x]S/he doesn't fight first.

[ ] S/he is very mysterious/dark.

[ ] S/he can't think.

[ ] S/he is emotional.

[ ] S/he is always happy. 

[x] S/he has a friend. 

[ ] S/he has many friends.

[ ] S/he is always serious.

[x] S/he is very sensitive. 

[ ] S/he is always joking about. 

[ ] S/he is always a helping hand. 

[x] S/he is lazy.

[x] S/he is clever at sorts of things. 

[/] S/he is kind to everybody. 

[/] S/he is mean to everybody. 

[/] S/he is very shy.

[ ] S/he is very brave.

[ ] S/he is paranoid.

[x] S/he is funny. 

[ ] S/he drinks blood.

Total: 12

What does s/he like to do?

[ ] S/he smokes.

[ ] S/he is addicted to drugs and sex. 

[ ] S/he likes killing people for fun. 

[ ] S/he enjoys bullying. 

[ ] S/he is an alcoholic. 

[X] S/he does her favorite hobby.

[ ] S/he likes to eat humans a lot.

Total: 1 

Combined Total: 27.5

0 - 10 = Boring


I shall not tag tonight. .n.

I feel this meme is a bit... strange. I need a ultra extreme character to even be "balanced" T__T 

Good night! I'll continue the memes tomorrow i hope!

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  • Drinking: nothing atm


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Welcome to my Page :meow:

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---Check out this artist --giinga-- she is awesome!---

if you want a commission, come here 8D i only do them on weekends when i have the time

these are my biggest inspirations ~<3
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you guys inspire me and made me who i am today <3 thank you so much

If there is any questions. please feel free to ask. C:

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