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I am a varied artist C: i draw a ton of different things

Random from fer me

AHH <3 Fantastic Fanart and Commissions







:iconkekkaishithehedgie2: :iconsearaph: :iconrui-eri: :iconrebel--99: :iconshltaklmushrooms:


FIRST THING, Any body who has asked for a commission, can you tell me here? Being gone for over a week makes you lose track.
Then i'll start immediately. I hate wasting your guy's time -_-''

Here's who i know commissioned me

:iconcivetal: :iconcharmandrigo: :iconhioshiru:

please tell me if you are not up there. even if you asked for a AT, i want to know so i can complete my art/mt half. ;v;

Okay do where was i this week? well, I was dog watching for three weeks before. Not too bad because i could bring my laptop.
I could draw. But the dogs were very disobedient. Whining and peeing everywhere. The owner Lets them do that. The fish were cute though. Everytime i put my hand in to feed the baby fish, they'd peck at it >v< hee.
After that, our relative visited us all the way from Europe. We went around the province with him :'D it was fun! I went on a heli ride and it was neat. so, then here comes the WORST part of the journey. We took him to our home land haha. no, that's fine. But we have a car, 5 people spam-in-a-can in a tiny car. For 3 days. Night and day. No sleep. No shower. nope. however when we got there it was all cool again. We met more family and enjoyed a meal together. My bro has a new friend and when we went back, we enjoyed a barbeque with our other family. And that was the week i couldn't come on at all. But it was an adventure. and i'm glad we went ^v^

okay you can stop reading now xD just a meme below

Tagged by :iconrui-eri:

-Before we get started, pick 5 friends of each gender for this meme.

The Ladies: 

:iconskyrafire::iconrachivee::iconred-head-girl::icondragondollrawr::iconboltonartist:  only if you want to

The Gentleman:

:iconwizzdono::iconcharmandrigo::iconlemmyk00pa::iconksnivy101::iconmr-primary: only if you want to 

my answers.

1) Your reaction if a guy randomly said "Your really hot"
----C) You'd think he's a creeper----

2) Dessert is up! Pick your treat!
-----C) I'd pick pie!----

3) It's 10:00pm and New Years Day is only 2 hours away. What do you plan to do for the rest of the night?
------B) I'd stay up till midnight then go right to bed afterwards.----

4) What kind of birthday party would you like?
------A) Going out somewhere with my family and/or friends like an amusement park or trampoline park.----

5) When you hear the word "Furries", what comes to your mind first?
----A) Someone dressed up in a Furry costume.----

6) Which drink do you wake up to?
----D) My drink is not even listed here!--- (tea ;v; )

7) Tell me, how much do you love to draw?
---A) So very much!---

8) If you had to pick someone and get married by the end of next year, would you be ready?
----D) Sorry, getting married is not a plan in my life. ----- (blushes shamefully about someone who doesn't exist)

9) Be honest. Are you a person that loves to be sexy?
---C) Sexy is something I don't flow with o.o----

Questions for men.

1. Are you the tough type? or the softy?
A) none
B) Tough. no tears haha!
C) Bit of a softy. ehheh.
D) quite soft!

2. If you were to eat breakfast, what type of food would you eat?
A) Cereal
B) Hardy large meal
C) fruit or veggies, or something else small.
D) Screws and nails.

3. a lady calls you cute? do you find it offencive?
A) Not at all!
B) Duh! who wouldn't??
C) a little.

4. Lazer beams are destroying the city! what do you do??
A) use a weapon at your arsenal to defeat the evil lazer beams!
B) huh? what's happening?
C) Screw em! let them fend for themselves
D) summon/cheer on superman to save the world.

5. Everyone i know loves a type of dinosaur! what's yours?
A) Pterodactyl
B) Tyrannosaurus rex
C) velocerapter/rapters
D) stegosaurus

6) oh no! a fight! Fight or flight?
A) fight!!
C) i don't know
D) *turns invisible*

The girls:

1. You have to wear a dress. whether you like it or not. What do you do?
A) Lalala, I like it!
C) eh. whatever.
D) you don't control me question.

2. you submit a drawing on dA and it gets 20, 000 views and 18 000 likes. What do you think?
A) WTF did i do to get this??
B) Eh, my usual
C) Some glitch of sorts
D) I'm finally popular! 

3. Do you care about what you eat
A) Of course!
B) Eh, it's just food. I like to eat what i want.
C) sometimes/depends
D) Well... i only eat skittles

4. Favourite planet?
A) Mars
B) saturn
C) Jupiter
D) Mercury
E) Not listed

5. Do you like adventure?
A) Every once and a while.
B) no, i get all sweaty!
C) OF course! 
D) There is no such thing.

6. you go to the beach! what are you wearing?
A) a bikini
B) Shirt and shorts
c) One piece swimsuit
D) Nothing hurrhurr
E) not listed
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: the classic crime
  • Reading: Stuff on tumblr
  • Watching: my screen
  • Playing: Tomodachi
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: water



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
~I`mma stamp Lover <3 All the things i like & represent me~

Portal 2 Stamp by parallellogic Stamp: Dream As If you''ll... by Northern33 Stop Kissing My Sister Stamp by IFreischutz Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Many Ideas by Invisible-Touch Iced Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Love to make OCs by raila Wishful Thinking by whispwill Favorite Stamp by Ravechu Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Wakfu -stamp- by Kako-to-Shourai tristepin stamp by junawashere =KoKamiFanStamp= by KofiCup Henry Stamp by AdraowenLon'qu Stamp by AdraowenNowi Stamp by AdraowenPanne Stamp by Adraowen
Wheatley Stamp by ginacartoon

-- --- Tribal Page Divider - Free to use! by AutumnLatte --- --

Pixel Icon for coloured-improvement by IthliniPC: Coloured-improvement by M00PlE
I'm on Deviantart by WizzDonoI'm on Thumblr by WizzDono

Welcome to my Page! :'D

Welcome to my Page :meow:

See my bro! :iconmr-primary:

---Check out this artist --giinga-- she is awesome!---

if you want a commission, come here 8D i only do them on weekends when i have the time

--some info about me--

- I do not like text talk!
- I can be fast at art, but I can be Very slow...
- I'm a Varied artist. Don't expect me to draw just one thing.
- I love Minecraft, Pokemon, and Portal <3
- I'm a digital and traditional artist. However, I don't have a scanner.

these are my biggest inspirations ~<3
:iconboltonartist: :icongriffsnuff: :iconlilaira: :iconifreischutz: :iconmagicpawed: :iconkawiku: :iconinonibird:

Some of my good friends ~<3
:icondaspirit: :iconlemmyk00pa: :icondragondollrawr: :iconsnivy101: :iconnethythedragon: :iconenderdork: :iconrui-eri: :iconcharmandrigo: :iconskyrafire:

Inspirational friends ~<3
:iconred-head-girl: :iconrachivee: :icontamnod: :iconwizzdono: :iconpi-xie: :iconjollv:

you guys inspire me and made me who i am today <3 thank you so much

If there is any questions. please feel free to ask. C:

background by AutumnLatte


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